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From Compliance To Best Best Practice

9.30AM - 10AM
Lucion was founded in 2003 during a time when the asbestos industry was still in its infancy. Since then the asbestos industry has moved on, but has our asbestos management practices?
Chief Executive Officer, Phil Rozier, discusses how to progress beyond compliance through best practices.

Missing the mark: Why it is time for best practice to become the norm

10.05AM - 10.35AM
There is no safe threshold of exposure to asbestos fibres. Yet control limits and hygiene standards have remained largely unaltered for 30 years, despite reported increase in asbestos-related diseases mortality rates.

Chief Technical Officer Ross Boulton explores how best practices and going beyond compliance saves lives.

Embedding Expertise: The positives of embedding asbestos experts and best practice culture into your team

10.40 - 11.10AM
Don’t be left in the dark, get it right with a CDM advisor at your pre-construction phase, plan it through, and budget for removal/encapsulation where possible. Where you can’t, introduce innovation as best practice.
Account Director Jeremy Meredith will be drawing on consultants’ experiences about embedding a best practice culture.

Communication is King: Managing asbestos collaboratively with multiple stakeholders

11.15AM - 11.45AM
Managing multiple suppliers during your demolition or modernisation project can be a nightmare.
Regional Account Manager Larne Fuller explores how you can ensure your teams are communicating effectively and mitigate the risks of potential exposures by implementing communication best practices, supported by innovative technologies.

Best Practice: What have we learned?

11.45 - 12.00
Chief Executive Officer Phil Rozier summarises the morning’s talks, exploring why best practice is integral to progressive and impactful asbestos management practices.

Lunch and Exhibition

12.00 - 12.55PM
Lunch will be served in the Exhibition hall giving you a chance to explore some of our recommended suppliers including DCUK, Erith, DFK, and more.

Network and get one to one advice from a wide range of asbestos professionals and meet the software developers behind Lucion’s award-winning, cyber-security plus certified compliance software NexGen.

Breaking ground: Asbestos in soils and ground works

13.05 - 13.45PM
During this optional break-out session, Head of Civils Oliver Janaway, and Senior Consultant (Head of Contaminated Land Services) Alec Hales, will be digging deep and tackling misconceptions when it comes to identifying, managing and remediating contaminated land.

This close working duo will be looking at project timelines, what you need to plan for and when to act, what to look out for, and what to do if something goes wrong during your project.

Keeping it simple: Making the contract work

13.05 - 13.45
The management of asbestos is often seen as a huge and complicated task, and depending on your portfolio may indeed not be simple. During this optional break-out session National Utilities Contracts Manager, Stuart Goodman, explains how simplifying your asbestos management arrangements, you can mitigate many complex challenges for both supplier and yourself.
Find out how to simplify your asbestos management to make your project a success.

20:20 Vision: Illuminating risks through innovative solutions

13.05 - 13.45PM & 13.55 - 14.35PM
Your goal is to be compliant and reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos. But what does this mean, beyond compiling a UKAS accredited report tens to hundreds of pages long? How can software contribute to your goal? And how can software enable you to go beyond compliance?

Chris Wilson, Regional Account Manager, and Paul Hayball, NexGen Development Manager, discuss the future of risk strategy and solutions with the latest tech and insights.

Protecting the past, for the future: Heritage and Hazards

13.05 - 13.45PM & 13.55 - 14.35PM
All buildings built before 2000 may contain asbestos. This poses a sizeable issue for heritage sites and listed buildings. This poses a sizeable issue for heritage sites and listed buildings. Finding suppliers who will be able to carry out Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys without damaging the integrity of the building requires both trust and best practice techniques.

Chris Wood, Technical Consultant, and Kim Johnson, Head of Business Development, talk us through the importance of conserving heritage and alleviating hazards.

Networking Session

14.35 - 15.00PM
Meet like-minded individuals from various industry sectors along with clients, suppliers, and consultants who are on-hand to give you impartial advice about your asbestos management practices.

Training: Duty To Manage CPD

13.05 - 14.55PM
This year, as an alternative to the break-out options detailed above, we are offering our conference delegates the option to attend a 2-hour CPD Duty To Manage training course (included in the price of your ticket) hosted by award-winning training providers Lucion Consulting.

The course will cover:

– An introduction as to why manage asbestos?
– What are the legal implications
– What are the health impacts of asbestos
– Cost implications
– Current epidemiological statistics
– How to manage asbestos
– Working with and managing contractors

Best Practice In Practice

15.10 - 15.40
Pro Vice-Chancellor, strategy, planning, and partnerships and Director of Property at the University of London, Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr, talks about how the University uses best practices to go beyond compliance.

Focusing on culture and the lessons learned, including the importance of having competent staff to manage asbestos and raising the bar in what the University expects from its stakeholders and supplier.

Business with Impact

15.45 - 16.15
The benefits of using suppliers who are competent, sustainable, and care about making the world a safer place to live through implementing best practices are all key factors to ensuring you’re building a long term trusted relationship with your supplier.
Commercial Director, Lucy Armstrong, and guest speaker Liz Darlison MBE, Head of Services at Mesothelioma UK, explains why using suppliers that care ultimate protects individuals from potential exposures.

Conference round up

16.15 - 16.30PM
Phil Rozier, closes the conference with a brief overview of the days events, talks and learnings.

This Year’s Speakers

Phil Rozier

Phil Rozier

Starting out as a Regional Manager in Lucion’s South East office, and launching Lucion Marine in 2008/9, progressing to Chief Executive Officer in May 2019, Phil Rozier has been integral to the development of best practices in the asbestos and hazardous materials industry.

This year Phil has approached the conference team with a task to shake things up! Our speakers will be challenging the current norms of asbestos management. During his speech Phil will be exploring more than achieving compliance. This year focuses on best practice and how to give your asbestos management activities IMPACT.

Larne Fuller

Larne Fuller

With over 10 years’ in the asbestos industry, Regional Account Manager Larne Fuller¬†has ample experience in site management, dealing with technical issues, and contract management, with an in depth understanding the pressure of effectively communicating with stakeholders at all levels.

As an appointed Asbestos Consultant for multiple University Trust clients, as well as overseeing flagship projects such as British Museum; Larne advocates innovative technologies to facilitate effective communication as best practice for managing large projects.

Ross Boulton

Ross Boulton

As Chief Technical Officer for Lucion Services, Ross Boulton is the driving force behind policies and procedures covering all aspects of HSEQ management through effective risk/reward management, ensuring business continuity and stability.


Ross is passionate about effective asbestos management through best practice and will be challenging the current regulations during his main stage speech and asking the question “are we hitting the mark when it comes to asbestos management?” and how to go beyond compliance to save lives.

Stuart Goodman

Stuart Goodman

Starting out with Lucion in 2007 as an asbestos analyst, National Utilities Contracts Manager Stuart Goodman, has earned his NEBOSH and CoCA and has worked on flagship contracts such as Ferrbidge Power Station and Rugely Power Station. He talks us through how to keep contracts simple to keep complex problems at bay and to make your project a success.

During his previous role as a consultant for Lucion Consulting, Stuart has been a regular speaker on the RICS circuit, and has delivered UKATA and BOHS training to multiple national clients.

Lucy Armstrong

Lucy Armstrong

Having joined Lucion over 10 years ago in a part-time admin role, Commercial Director Lucy Armstrong has ample experience in all elements of the business and has been the driving force behind building Lucion’s values of sustainable, social and environmental corporate responsibility.

A seasoned speaker and passionate about sustainable, responsible business practices, Lucy will be presenting Business With Impact explaining the benefits of using suppliers who are both competent and care about making the world a safer place to live through implementing best practices.

Jeremy Meredith

Jeremy Meredith

With over 12 years in construction Health and Safety as a Managing Consultant, earning his NEBOSH, Account Director Jeremy Meredith has a wealth of experience in managing large projects as an acting CDM Coordinator. Key projects Jeremy has worked on include the Alder Hey Children’s Health Park, Manchester Airport Transformation Programme, and acting as CDM Consultant for Keel University Estates.

Overcoming challenges of health, safety, and hazardous materials and presenting solutions has been key to Jeremy facilitating client project success.

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